ONE News poll: Two-thirds want to keep current NZ flag

Another blow has been dealt to supporters of changing the flag, with the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll showing two thirds of Kiwis aren't likely to vote for change in next week's referendum.

The poll show the strongest opposition to change is coming from Labour Party voters, Maori and the young.

The poll shows 63 per cent of New Zealanders want to keep the current flag and just 26 per cent want the new design.

There's been a funny exchange between journos and Bill English who's not exactly giving his bosses' flag choice a ringing endorsement. Source: 1 NEWS

"What you are seeing now is a discussion about the flag, whereas a while ago it was about the politics and costs. We've set up a process and I wouldn't want to pre-judge it," said Bill English, the minister in charge of the flag change process. 

The Labour Party favours a flag change, however the poll shows Labour voters aren't buying Prime Minister John Key's vision, with 76 per cent saying they plan to vote for the current flag.

"This isn't about standing on our own two feet. This looks like a pet project of John Key's people," said Labour leader Andrew Little, adding that Mr Key hasn't explained why the change is proposed, and people don't like the new flag design. 

Kyle Lockwood’s design has been confirmed as the contender for next year’s referendum. Source: 1 NEWS

ONE News political editor Corin Dann says the lack of support for change coming from the left is a problem for Mr Key, as the poll also shows less than half of his own supporters want change, while nearly three quarters of younger voters and 85 per cent of Maori don't want change.

"A lot of the vote is very much anti-John Key at the moment," said broadcaster Willie Jackson. 

The Greens says it's been a missed opportunity to have a flag "that brought us together" and the process has been botched. 

In the days after the poll was taken, there has been an increase in high-profile endorsement for a new flag, but Mr Little says Kiwis "have generally looked through celebrity endorsements if they don't buy what they are sold".

Those backing change say celebrity social media is drumming up support. 

Voters get their say from next Thursday until March 24.

A new poll shows the strongest opposition to change is coming from Labour Party voters, Maori and the young. Source: 1 NEWS

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