One new Covid case at border, none in the community

There is one new cases at the border in the last 24 hours, with none at the border.


The Ministry of Health also confirmed in a statement that three cases are being investigated as historical infections.

The confirmed case arrived from Nepal via the UAE on Tuesday and tested positive during day 0 testing.

The three cases under investigation arrived from Pakistan, India via the USA and the USA on April 26, May 3 and May 4 respectively.

The cases from India and the USA are at MIQ facilities in Hamilton. 

None of the suspected historical cases are considered infectous.

One previous case has now recovered, bringing the number of active cases in Aotearoa to 28.

New Zealand's total number of confirmed cases since the pandemic began is 2277.

In 2021, 53 of the 461 cases have been historical.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that 32 people in NZ had been advised to isolate until they return a day five negative test as a result of the Brisbane Airport beach.

To date, 22 of those people have returned a negative result.