One-in-four Kiwi girls asked to send nude images

Smartphones and social media can cause concerns for parents about what their teenagers are doing with their devices. 

However, new Netsafe research reveals while teenagers are receiving requests for nude images, only a small number are responding. 

The research shows that one in four girls and nearly one in seven boys have been asked to share a nude, or nearly nude, image of themselves. 

But only four per cent of respondents have shared a nude image in the last 12 months. 

Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker said only a minority are actually sending the nudes. 

"However, the research shows that the likelihood of sending a nude image does increase with age, so it’s important that parents are having conversations with their kids early."

Mr Cocker said teenagers believe that sharing these images is "commonplace". 

"It's important to let them know that this actually isn't the case."

He said sending the images is not the problem, but what happens when the images leave your phone is. 

"It’s important that young people understand the potential risks before they get to the point where they’re making the decision to engage in the behavior."

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