Old-school vinyl records making a comeback




Vinyl is seeing a resurgence in its popularity here and around the world, even outstripping digital music sales in the United Kingdom. 

1 NEWS' Anna Burns-Francis went to find out what's prompted a resurgence in record collecting.
Source: 1 NEWS

"Instead of looking at a really high quality photo of a painting, it's like looking at the painting itself," Auckland vinyl collector Mitchell Houlbrooke explained of the experience. 

The University of Auckland has undertaken a study of vinyl collectors. 

"The core vinyl collector is a male, and is around 30-years-old, and it's really interesting because other studies show men like new technology and here they are liking what we call 'legacy technology'," said researcher Karen Fernandez. 

"They talk about the touch, they talk about watching it go around, and just participating in making the music seemed to be really important to them."

Large New Zealand retailers like the Warehouse have been quick to offer LPs some shelf space. 

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