Oil industry hunting for documents behind NZ Govt's halt to oil exploration permits




The oil industry is going hunting for documents behind the government's decision to halt tendering new offshore oil exploration permits.

The government say the move is to cut rising greenhouse emissions.
Source: 1 NEWS

The government last week announced it won't grant new offshore oil exploration permits in a move that was hailed by conservation and environmental groups as a historic victory in the battle against climate change.

Govt decision to end offshore oil exploration met with mixed reviews

Source: Te Karere

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) says it has lodged a series of Official Information Act requests with government agencies on Monday seeking the analysis behind the ban.

"We remain deeply concerned about this decision and the manner in which it appears to have been made," says chief executive Cameron Madgwick.

It wants information from the government on how the move will affect New Zealand's future energy security.

"We have also requested what research, if any, has been done on what this ban means for domestic and global emissions. It is unlikely to have any real impact given that it does not impact demand and that other countries will easily fill any supply gap we leave," Mr Madgwick said.

OIA requests have been lodged with the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Environmental Protection Authority, the Ministry for the Environment and the Treasury.

Households and businesses need to know what will happen when known natural gas supplies begin to run out in just a few years' time, Mr Madgwick said.

"The fact that some permits go through until the 2030s is little reassurance given that our gas supply will run out long before then without major discoveries.

"Using the OIA is an unusual step for us an organisation but reflects the seriousness of this issue."

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