'Oh my God' — Pair's incredible encounter with orca in Bay of Islands

Howard Weir and his friend Heather were left exclaiming "oh my God" and the odd profanity after their encounter with a pod of orca in the Bay of Islands yesterday. 

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Howard Weir and his friend Heather were anchored in a sheltered bay when a pod came over to investigate. Source: Howard Weir / Supplied

Weir and Heather were anchored in a sheltered bay after doing a spot of fishing when some of the pod came over to investigate them. 

He told 1 NEWS Heather had been up visiting from Wellington, and since it was a "sunny boating day", they had decided to tour the islands on her last day in the Far North. 

Weir said they heard a "puff" nearby about midday and thought at first they were being visited by smaller dolphins. 

However, swimming around and beneath the boat — even rubbing along the anchor line — were some orca, with others observed about 50 to 100 metres in the distance. 

"They found us," Weir said. 

Throughout the video, the in-awe pair can be heard exclaiming "oh my God" and "oh my Gosh".

The orca also appeared to be equally as curious, with some filmed popping their heads out of the water about one to two metres from the bow. 

"Hello handsome," Heather can be heard saying to one as it pops its head up, almost staring. 

"Oh Heather! This is an opportunity you'll never get again," Weir can be heard saying. 

After what was his first encounter with orca, Weir told 1 NEWS he feels privileged to have spent some time with them.

He described it as a "pretty cool experience" and a "once-in-a-lifetime treat".