Offers of help come flooding in for soldier featured on Fair Go after botched roofing job

Almost two years ago, Renee Shaw’s house was ruined when rain poured in following a botched roofing job. Since then, the soldier has been battling for compensation from both the insurance companies and the roofer, Gene Richardson of West Coast Roofing.

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Earlier this year, the TVNZ programme highlighted Renee’s plight, which started with a botched roofing job. Source: Fair Go

Renee came to Fair Go in desperation, looking at a repair job and legal bills of $50,000 plus, and she and her three children had been unable to live in the house. 

But after the story went to air, offers of help came flooding in.

Renee’s friend and former soldier Connie King stepped up to do the work with her whānau-based renovation team, The Kingz Co, and finally, just last week, Renee saw her “new” home – renovated top and bottom.

The Fair Go team was there with an extra surprise thanks to Renee’s fellow soldiers in the RSA. 

They’d had a bit of a whip around and the result was astonishing. 

Watch the video for the full Fair Go report.