Offensive Dunedin Facebook page shut down

A male-only Facebook page sharing photos of naked women at Otago University and rating them has been shut down.

A male-only Facebook page sharing photos of naked women at Otago University has been shut down. Source: 1 NEWS

The "Rack Appreciation Society" page has prompted a battle of the sexes with female students starting their own awareness page title "Rake Appreciation Awareness".

"Very, very explicit photos that were shown... left nothing to the imagination," says Kate Buchanan of Rake Appreciation Awareness.

The page had up to 4000 followers before a group of girls found out about the site.

ONE News spoke to a 20-year-old student who says photos of herself had been posted on the page without her consent.

"They obviously thought it was a joke but it was pretty disgusting considering the caption said 'rape' which is pretty intense," says the student who did not want to named.

Rape Crisis in Dunedin say they've received a worrying amount of calls from girls about the page.

"We're talking about sexual abuse here. What is happening is sexual abuse," says spokesperson Di Smith.

The student who started the group has apologised in a statement.

"The site was never meant to be for sharing pictures of local women...only bikini clad models and when users started posting photos of their ex-girlfriends it got out of control," says Rack Appreciation Society founder Sean McDonald.

Lawyers say the page wasn't doing anything illegal.

"It's not illegal as such but it can stand up in court if the person can show they had a reasonable expectation of privacy," says media law professor Selene Mize.