What are the odds of winning NZ's second biggest Lotto prize of $42 million?

It's a huge Lotto draw tonight, New Zealand's second biggest Powerball jackpot of $42 million.

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You’ve got more chance of achieving sainthood than hitting the jackpot. Source: Seven Sharp

But what are the odds of you winning it?

Seven Sharp’s Mary-Jane Aggett asked a statistician to crunch the numbers.

“For any one line the odds are 38.4 million, that's a big number and a lot of people don’t appreciate how big that is,” University of Auckland Associate Professor Russell Millar says.

Those are the same odds as someone being struck by lightning, twice.

“If you went to your Lotto store and said print me out every possible line of Lotto numbers with Powerball and then stacked the tickets up.

“That stack of tickets would be 50 metres taller than the Sky Tower,” Professor Millar explains.

So, before you go spending your week's wages on a ticket you might want to consider the above stats.