Obesity 'more complex' than personal choice - Mark Mitchell backs away from Collins' remarks

Obesity is more complex than the National Party leader Judith Collins claims, MP Mark Mitchell has said this morning.

National MP Mark Mitchell. Source: Getty

The National MP distanced himself from Collins’ comments telling Newstalk ZB host Mike Hosking today only part of a person's issue with weight was down to personal choice.

“It’s a lot more complex than that.

"Some obesity can be dealt with through exercise and diet, there's no doubt about that.

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The National Party leader says taxing sugary foods isn't going to cure the problem. Source: Breakfast

"But some obesity is related to medical conditions, even psychological conditions that need treating, so it's a more complex issue".

His comment come after Collins said yesterday that those who are obese should take personal responsibility for their condition and not blame the system for their “personal choices”.

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Judith Collins says obesity is ‘generally’ a weakness, urges personal responsibility over blaming the 'system'

“Many of us can do better on this. I’ll tell you what, take some personal responsibility,” she told media during a press conference yesterday in response to a reporter's question.

“We can all take personal responsibility, and we all have to own up to our little weaknesses on these matters.”

Gerry Brownlee. Source: 1 NEWS

National Party deputy leader Gerry Brownlee backed his leader’s stance saying he believed his size was his responsibility.

"It is an issue that's not easy to deal with. She was saying take personal responsibility,” he told Hosking this morning.

However, Brownlee says he is anti any state-mandated control on obesity.

"To say that there should be some state-mandated action enforcing people to be a particular size, I think that's a step too far," he said.


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