NZ's Rich List revealed: 'The rich are getting richer - there's no question about that'

Our wealthiest man, Graeme Hart, has had a tough year according to The National Business Review Rich List.

Duncan Bridgeman says there is diversity on this year's rich list, which he says includes wealthy Asians, Europeans and Middle Eastern people. Source: 1 NEWS

He's down $2 billion dollars on last year's estimate because of his debt-heavy businesses, but don't fret he's still worth $7 billion.

The NBR Editor Duncan Bridgeman says the total wealth on the Rich List has increased by over $4.5 billion.

"Certainly the rich are getting richer, there's no question about that," he says.

Prime Minister John Key is ranked 175th equal on the list and is said to be worth $60 million, that's up from $55 million last year.

There are 13 new names on the Rich List, many of them are from Asia, Europe and the Middle East and have set up businesses in hospitality, property, technology, fishing and education.

1. Graeme Hart, $7 billion, Packaging and Investment

2. Richard Chandler, $4.2 billion, Investment

3. Todd family, $3.3 billion, Energy and Investment

4. Erceg family, $1.6 billion, Liquor and Property

5. Sir Michael Friedlander, $1.5 billion, Property Investment

6. Christopher Chandler, $1.4 billion, Investment and Philanthropy

7. Goodman family, $1.35 billion, Property Investment and Development

8. Stephen Jennings, $1 billion, Investment

9=. Sir Michael Fay, $900 million, Investment Banking
9=. Sir Douglas Myers, $900 million, Investment, Philanthropy, Brewing
9=. David Richwhite, $900 million, Investment Banking