NZ's immigration system is broken, protestors say as they gather outside Parliament

Our immigration system is broken - that's the message from protestors who brought their complaints to Parliament today.

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They came face-to-face with Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi and made emotional pleas, but he’s not budging. Source: 1 NEWS

They came face to face with Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi and made emotional pleas.

They say the immigration system is broken, clogged and is cruelly keeping families apart.

“I am doing my best to keep my head screwed on straight as I currently hold the responsibility of my family’s future,” a protestor told 1 NEWS.

“I am no longer a human being, I am just my application number,” said another.

However, Faafoi is not budging.

“Keeping tight controls of our borders and maintaining strict managed isolation systems is what's keeping us all safe,” he said.

National MP Erica Stanford says there's plenty of MIQ space.

“The way we have treated the split migrant families over the last few months is nothing short of disgusting.”

MPs often campaign for their constituents in immigrations cases, but 1 NEWS has obtained an email from an electorate office saying: "The Minister of Immigration has asked MPs they are unable to intervene in any immigration case during Covid times."

Faafoi says the staffer was mistaken.

“As the Minister of Immigration, MPs are always bringing things to you.”

Many of the people 1 NEWS spoke to today packed up their lives, took on essential jobs here and live day-by-day desperately waiting for the paperwork.