NZ's best long drive golfer gears up for world champs - and he's just had his first lesson

Many world class sports require a variety of skills, but it turns out golfers can focus on just one element of the game and smash it.

It's called long drive golf and the aim is simple - hit the golf ball as far as possible.

Seven Sharp reports that earlier this year Alan Stroud entered New Zealand's national competition in Orewa, and to his surprise, won.

And now he's off to the world champs, fitting them in during his honeymoon.

"Three minutes, eight balls, and the person who hits the most balls the longest over the course of five days at worlds walks home with a quarter of a million US dollars," Alan said.

A week out, he has 100 yards to add to his long drive.

"At worlds we are facing guys who have hit 460 yards."

Surprisingly, Alan revealed: "On Monday I had my first ever golf lesson, one-on-one with an actual golf coach."

Alan will be interrupting his honeymoon to take part in the world champs. Source: Seven Sharp

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