NZDF won't be taking part in Auckland Pride Parade, saying they're 'not comfortable' with police uniform ban

The New Zealand Defence Force will not be taking part in the Auckland Pride Parade over a ban on police wearing their uniforms while taking part.

The move follows a chaotic community meeting in Auckland last night in which the Auckland Pride Board announced the uniform ban would remain in place.

A statement from the NZDF today states in part: "We will be participating in Pride events around New Zealand, including the Wellington International Pride Parade.

"However, we will not be applying to participate in the 2019 Auckland Pride Parade. We do not feel comfortable participating in an event that excludes other uniformed services.

"Like defence, police are on their own journey and are fully committed to inclusive diversity.

"The NZDF is an inclusive employer. We work to ensure all of our people are empowered to be the best they can in the service of NZ. We achieve this through engagement, education and dialogue and by upholding our core values."

The ban has caused controversy in the LGBTI community, with a member of the Auckland Pride Board stepping down from his role in protest.

Members of the police are still being invited to march in plain or fancy clothes instead.

The Auckland Pride Parade will be held on Saturday 16 February 2019.

Auckland Pride Parade taking place on Ponsonby Road
Source: Te Karere