NZ urged to embrace new device that monitors seafood catch from sea to plate

Calls are being made for New Zealand to take up a new technology that monitors seafood catch from the sea to the plate.

The World Wildlife Fund says the new device has had a successful trial in Fiji and will help make New Zealand fisheries more sustainable.

The system called the Blockchain Project uses a radio frequency device to track fish from catch to the supermarket, with GPS precision.

Tuna catch records are currently on paper and are entered into databases.

WWF New Zealand chief executive Livia Esterhazy told 1 NEWS that with the new technology "you will rest assured eating fabulous fish, knowing it has been legally fished, it's been caught sustainability and has not used slave labour".

I'd really encourage the Government to look earnestly at this technology - Fisheries analyst Dr Randall Bess

The project has been piloted in Fiji with tuna and WWF has hailed it a success. 

Fisheries analyst Dr Randall Bess says the technology will allow more transparency in the fishing industry and it could be rolled out for all types of fishing.

"New Zealand is the superb test case for this type of roll out of technology on a national scale," Dr Bess said. 

"I'd really encourage the Government to look earnestly at this technology and I do know that some people are already looking at it."

The Ministry for Primary Industries says it is working with providers to explore new technologies including Blockchain, to increase the traceability and transparency of products and to ensure the sustainability of fish stocks. 

The next step for WWF is to get a retailer on board and while it's too soon to say what the cost would be, the organisation is confident.

"It's a reality, probably in the next five years, where you will be able to use your smartphone and scan a QR code and almost basically have an augmented reality story to tell you which boat, which fisherman, where did that fish come from and how did that voyage all the way to the can of tuna or the fresh tuna that you see in front of you," Ms Esterhazy said.

These are new technologies to be explored, as New Zealand consumers become more conscious about the story behind the food they eat.

The World Wildlife Fund says the technology has had a successful trial in Fiji. Source: 1 NEWS

Little South Auckland town celebrating their own female pioneers

Next week will mark 125 years since women in New Zealand won the right to vote.

As the country prepares to mark the historic day, a little town south of Auckland is celebrating their own female pioneers.

The residents of Pukekohe say women’s suffrage is about the lasting inspiration it gave to those who followed.

Hundreds turned out today to show their appreciation and remembered those like the woman who started a female fitness club in 1913 or ran for president of the RSA.

Pukekohe's not the only town making big noise this year, a number of towns up and down the country are expected to hold events like this, ahead of next Wednesday's 125th celebration.

Hundreds will join Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Auckland’s Aotea Square for a sunrise salute to those who made the women’s vote and countless other everyday tasks possible.

Pukekohe turned out to celebrate their own as New Zealand gets set to mark 125 years since women’s suffrage. Source: 1 NEWS


Police appeal for sightings after man found dead on Auckland road

A body has been found on an Auckland road after being hit by a vehicle, but police believe the man may have already been deceased before the incident.

Police car generic.
Police car generic. Source: 1 NEWS

Police were called to the scene on Popes Road, Takanini, at 7.20pm after reports that a pedestrian had been hit by a car.

Police say initial indications are that the man was already deceased on the road when hit by the driver who contacted emergency services.

Police are investigating and no further information is available at this time.

Anyone who saw a man wearing a red checkered shirt and jeans hitchhiking along Popes Road earlier this evening has been advised to contact Papakura Police on 09 295 0200.


Boy, 4, found dead in sewage pond after going missing from West Coast farm

A four-year-old boy has been found dead in an effluent pond after going missing from a West Coast farm today.

Police received a report Reuben Nolan had disappeared from a farm in Hari Hari, West Coast, just before 1.30pm today.

Police, local volunteers, family, neighbours and friends joined the search for the boy, whose body was found in an effluent pond at 4pm.

Police would like to extend their condolences to the family for their loss.

Reuben's death will be referred to the Coroner, and his family is being assisted by Victim Support.

Police (file picture).
Police generic Source: 1 NEWS

Police searching for elderly woman with Alzheimers missing on Waiheke Island

Police and family are concerned for an elderly woman who has gone missing on Waiheke Island.

Sylvia Henley suffers from Alzheimers disease and may be confused.

Ms Henley has not been seen since this morning.

She may be wearing a light blue dressing gown and slippers.

Anyone who may have seen Ms Henley has been advised to call 111.

Source: NZ Police