NZ tech firm CEO shares jilted UK job-seeker's tirade after not landing role

A jobseeker from the United Kingdom has sent a surprising response to a New Zealand company’s CEO after they were turned down for a position in the tech firm's new London-based branch.

Ryan Baker Source: Supplied

Ryan Baker, co-founder of tech firm Timely, told 1 NEWS the company had been advertising for sales and customer support roles as it expands into the UK market.

Timely provides business software for the beauty industry and has over 12,000 salons, spas and clinics around the world as customers.

The position was advertised on the company's website and various online job boards.

But things started to go downhill when the candidate took offence at being told their application was unsuccessful.

Mr Baker said the applicant wasn't "a good fit" for the company, at which point a tirade of views were aired by the jilted candidate via email. 

Email exchange between Mr Baker and the candidate. Source: Supplied

"The candidate was pushy, wanting us to interview and select them faster than we had indicated in our timeline," Mr Baker said. 

"Their communication with us was increasingly aggressive and started to become rude. They initially reached out to me directly as CEO, and I politely asked them to follow the application process on our website, because I wasn't involved directly in the recruitment of that role. They did do this, but also kept on including me in all correspondence. I think they thought that would help them, but all it tells me is that they will be difficult to work with and potentially irritating to our customers.

"Based on this, we decided they wouldn't make it to the interview stage and I sent them an email to let them know that and offered them some feedback."

In Mr Baker's final email, he wrote: "Based on your approach to applying for this position, a sales role at Timely would not be a good fit for you.

"My feedback for you is that I have found your communication to us as aggressive and unpolished."

The applicant told the CEO that they did not need Mr Baker's "words of wisdom", telling him, "You're a small company, not the CEO of Goldman Sachs."

The rant continued.

"I am a bit of a hustler, and will step on toes to get things done if I have to. Have you met the founder of Twitter? I have. I would like to challenge you to this."

The monologue continued, with the individual telling Mr Baker, "I don't need to learn anything from descendants of convicts - thank you". Timely is also based out of Australia. 

Mr Baker did not take offence, saying, "I'm not in the business of making fun of people and I was actually quite sympathetic for the candidate. Applying for roles and being unsuccessful isn't fun. You never know what the person at the other end of the email might be dealing with. I hope that this person in a good place today and putting their skills and determination to good use."

Mr Baker says the candidate may have had a different idea of how business culture operates in New Zealand compared to the UK. 

"It's actually true that New Zealand companies tend to be too passive when it comes to our sales and marketing tactics, when compared to our larger cousins in the UK or US. But at Timely we've learned that our customers in the beauty industry don't respond well to aggressive sales approaches at all," he said. 

Mr Baker said he was reluctant to share the email but thought it might start some useful conversations.

Asked whether he had replied, he said, "I have not and don't intend to."

Timely started in 2012 and today has 85 staff in NZ, Australia and the UK.