NZ praised for acceptance of breastfeeding in public but 'more needs to be done'

New Zealand has been praised for its widespread acceptance of breastfeeding in public, but one breastfeeding advocate says more needs to be done.

Yvonne Foreman, national co-ordinator of the La Leche League, says although women may want to breastfeed, there is not enough support for women returning to work.

"We have to make workplaces more baby friendly, more nursing-mother friendly," she said. 

La Leche League is an international not-for-profit organisation that informs and supports women wanting to breastfeed their babies.

It was founded by Marian Tompson in the 1950s - a time when breastfeeding was a taboo topic. 

"People thought we were crazy," Ms Tompson said.

Since then she has watched attitudes changed and says she's proud of women for "having the courage" to breastfeed in public places.

Ms Tompson says breastfeeding "makes for healthier babies, and healthier mothers, and healthier pocket books - because you're not spending so much money on formula".

But one of the world's first 'breast is best' advocates says much more needs to be done, especially in the workplace. Source: 1 NEWS