NZ Post apologises after courier driver caught urinating in garden during delivery

A Palmerston North couple were left "disgusted" after footage captured on their front door security camera showed an NZ Post courier driving urinating in their garden after making a delivery.

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Rex and Suzzanne Eavestaff were disgusted when they saw the footage on their security camera. Source: Supplied

Rex Eavestaff told 1 NEWS the incident happened two weeks ago on Saturday, January 9 at 7.59am.

Video posted to Facebook by Eavestaff shows a Courier Post driver delivering a parcel into the letterbox before then appearing to walk up the driveway and relieve himself in the garden.

"My wife and I were disgusted at this, we posted the video on Facebook as a warning to others that this could happen to them and also contacted the company by email on the same day," Eavestaff told 1 NEWS.

"What I was told by the regional manager is that the driver's excuse was that he had a sore stomach and was rubbing it. Needless to say the regional manager is not accepting that and nor would I."  

According to the homeowner, there is a NZ Post depot not far from his address where the driver could have relieved themselves.

"I am just glad the neighbours' young daughter was shielded by the fence from this behaviour."

NZ Post Chief Operating Officer Brendon Main gave the following statement on the incident.

"NZ Post wishes to sincerely apologise for this situation. We are deeply disappointed that this has occurred.

"This is now a contractual matter with the individual involved and we are taking this very seriously. We have contacted the customer involved to express our heartfelt apologies and disappointment."