NZ politics gets dirty in lead up to election

Leading politicians say politics is getting dirtier in the lead up to the election with some pointing the finger at Kim Dotcom and his Internet Party.

Kim Dotcom holds up John Key facemask. Source: 1 NEWS

The profanity-laden video put on online by the Internet Party founder prompted Labour's Clayton Cosgrove to say decent kiwis would agree "that New Zealand's Prime Minister of any political persuasion should not be told to F off".

"Any political leaders who incite it, Dotcom, and who condone it, Laila Harre, have no place in our politics."

Mr Cosgrove is trying to send a message that voting for Labour isn't a vote for Kim Dotcom.

No one from Internet Mana would speak to ONE News today but there's a wider feeling this campaign is getting dirtier.

National MP Chris Finlayson says vandalism and wreaked billboards is much worse this year.

"He wrecked my billboards in Vogeltown. He can't be very bright because then he posted on Facebook that he'd wrecked my billboards and there's a photo of him," says Mr Finlayson.

He claims it's an orchestrated campaign.

National's electorate branches are referring incidents to local police and Mr Dotcom's video is before the Advertising Standards Authority which may request it be taken off-line next week.