NZ police's new 'world class' crime stats website launches... then crashes


Police launched their new crime statistics website today, only to have major access issues straight away.

The new police data website was meant to go live at 11am, but it has received numerous complaints, because it isn't working. website. website.

Source: 1 NEWS

It'll be the first time police have released their own crime data and have described it as "world class".

People will be able to search their own areas for crime, down to the block they live on and identify the day and time most crime occurs.

Source: 1 NEWS

Police hope it will be useful for neighbourhood and community support groups.

"( will make it easier for people to explore, access, and analyse data that police holds," deputy chief executive for strategy Mark Evans says.

Police worked with Statistics New Zealand on the new project and describe the new technology as more "user friendly".

The data and information will be audited by Statistics NZ to ensure it is accurate and independent.

The system has also been approved by the Privacy Commissioner.

Police won't say how much the systems cost and say they don't even have an estimate.

But, Mr Evans says it hasn't blown any budgets.

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