NZ Photographer of the Year hopefuls traverse length of country to nail perfect shot

From Antarctica's Ross Sea to glow worms deep beneath the surface or the icy ridges of Mount Ruapehu, this years Photographer Of The Year hopefuls traversed well beyond the length of the country.

Applicants went to Antarctica’s Ross Sea, Mount Ruapehu’s icey ridges and glowworm caves as part of this year’s competition. Source: 1 NEWS

Some photos tell a story of heartbreak, others a moment time seemed to stand still like the Christchurch earthquake images, or flicker into life like a time-lapse of Aotearoa. 

"We cover every part of the New Zealand realm, so Antarctica through the mainland the sub Antarctic islands all the way up to Tokelau," said New Zealand Geographic editor, James Frankham.

The works from the finalists for New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the year are on display in Auckland. 

"It's just awesome to be recognised I'm out there all the time taking photographs, even in my spare time, I love it," said photographer Jamie Wright. 

In a new category pictures captured by drone are counted as the exhibition moves with the times. 

"You have cameras that can shoot in just about darkness you have cameras that can photostack a number of images together that create images that have never been seen before," said Mr Frankham.

Already 2000 people have checked out the exhibition, it's open for the next month, and although the judges will have the final say on who the winners are, there is a people's choice award.

Being at the right place at the right time may well pay off the one of the artists.