NZ now at level two alert for coronavirus as PM says 'start working differently'

Following today’s announcement of a national alert system for Covid-19, Jacinda Ardern has told New Zealanders they need to start working from home if possible.

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The Government has stepped up its measures to combat the spread of the virus, with cases rising by 13 the last 24 hours, meaning 52 people in New Zealand now have confirmed cases of coronavirus.

An investigation is also underway surrounding two possible cases of community transmission.

Ms Ardern said today that New Zealander’s should begin to work differently as new measures for the alert system were announced.

Coronavirus 'alert system' to be introduced for New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern announces

The alert system has four levels of escalation whereby new measures and restrictions will be put in place to limit the spread of Covid-19. New Zealand currently sits at level two.

“To stay ahead and to reduce the chances of the wave growing, we need to step things up,” the Prime Minister said today.

Broadband usage soars across NZ as numbers of people working from home rise

“We also need everyone to start working differently. Many offices have plans for workers to work from home, others have staggered meal breaks or shift-based working.

“We are now asking you to implement these plans.”

Ms Ardern emphasised that not all those in employment would be able to work from home.

Schools unlikely close unless coronavirus reaches community spread, Jacinda Ardern says

“We need and will continue to have health and emergency professionals, transport and delivery staff, supermarket and food production workers and other essential people, continuing on at their place of work.”

She said sectors where working from home was impossible, steps should be taken such as additional cleaning that and physically distancing “as much as possible.”