NZ musicians join forces with those in Italy's Cassino to create inspiring piece of music

Unable to celebrate Anzac Day as usual, people in the Italian town of Cassino have recorded a piece of music with New Zealand musicians to honour those who fought and lost their lives in 1944.

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Both countries are in lockdown, forcing those commemorating Anzac Day into doing so in unique fashion. Source: 1 News/ Youtube: Michele Di Lonardo

One of the most brutal and costly battles involving New Zealanders in World War II, 343 Kiwi soldiers lost their lives as they fought the Germans.

Anzac Day is marked in the town each year as the locals remember those who fought to free them, but due to the coronavirus, no events are being held this year.

So New Zealand composer Michael Williams wrote and violinist Jenny Bae Chatwell recorded the piece, with the assistance of others in Cassino.

It is called The Future Is Not War.