NZ Manuka honey producers say it's 'very important' to find a successful way to identify counterfeit products




Honey producers are concerned a new test designed to separate real Manuka honey from fake Manuka honey isn't working properly.

Problems with MPI's testing of Manuka honey is worrying Kiwi producers who don't want to lose reputations.
Source: 1 NEWS

The DNA testing regime was developed by scientists at the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) but some honey companies say it's already failing.

Neil Stuckey from Waitemata Honey told 1 NEWS he has misgivings after some very good Manuka honey failed MPI’s DNA test.

Mr Stuckey then mixed one part of the real Manuka honey with ten parts of non Manuka honey and the test came back as positive, "So that is a problem," he said.

With New Zealand honey exports worth over $300 million annually it's crucial for the industry to crack down on counterfeit products which eat away at our reputation.

An MPI spokesman told 1 NEWS that they spend a lot of time making sure they have a robust testing process, and are really keen for the industry to let them know any information that suggests they need to rethink.

MPI is set to release its scientific data in the coming days and has extended its consultation period until mid-June.

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