NZ a good place for breastfeeding mums, but experts say more can be done

New Zealand's been given the thumbs up for its widespread acceptance of breastfeeding in public, but advocates says more can be done, especially in the workplace.

Marian Tompson founded the La Leche League in the 1950s to support breastfeeding mums, and has seen attitudes change over the decades.

Last year, 67 per cent of Kiwi women solely breastfed until their newborns were six weeks' old, but that number dropped to just 27 per cent by six months.

La Leche NZ's Yvonne Foreman puts some of that down to mothers heading back to work. 

"Although they may be keen to breastfeed these other things come into play, we have to make workplaces more baby friendly... more nursing mother friendly," she told ONE News.

Plunket agrees that the numbers could be better.

"We're doing better than the US and the UK, making sure women have the support they need to breastfeed is a key opportunity," Karen Magrath says. 

One of the world's leading breastfeeding advocates tells Breakfast why she champions the cause.
Source: 1 NEWS