NZ First's second 'woke brigade' tweet deleted after replacement image contains racial slur

A campaign image deleted by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters after he was accused of copyright infringement has been replaced by one containing a racial slur.

A new NZ First campaign tweet reading, "We won't pander to the woke brigade", has also been deleted. Source: 1 NEWS

The original post contained a graphic using an image from one of the Black Lives Matter protests in New Zealand, with text reading: "We won't pander to the woke brigade."

Third Culture Minds, which took the original photo, fired back, accusing Mr Peters of copyright infringement and telling 1 NEWS they didn't approve of the party's "ill-informed messages associated with our imagery".

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Winston Peters quietly deletes 'woke brigade' campaign ad after accusations of copyright infringement

The tweet was quietly deleted yesterday afternoon and after a 1 NEWS report on the matter, a new tweet was sent out from Mr Peters' account.

It contained the exact same text, but with a new photo in the background of the graphic.

A replacement campaign tweet was sent from Winston Peters' account after he was accused of copyright infringement. The word "n*****" was visible on one of the protestor's signs. Source: 1 NEWS

In the new image, one of the protestors is carrying a sign where the word "n****" is clearly visible.

After being contacted again by 1 NEWS, the post was quietly deleted again today.

A close-up of the campaign graphic, where a protestor's sign can be seen reading "n******". Source: 1 NEWS

A spokesperson for Mr Peters says the party has been running the account, rather than Mr Peters himself.

NZ First did not respond to a request for comment this morning.