NZ First won't be constrained by the same spending limits as other parties – Winston Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters told TVNZ1's Q+A programme that his party wouldn't be constrained by the same spending limits set by National, Labour or the Green Party.

The NZ First leader told Q+A he won't subscribe to National and Labour's brand of economics. Source: Q+A

When asked by Q+A's Corin Dann if he would run deficits in order to carry out his party's policies, Mr Peters replied:

"Can you tell me why you're asking me, a party that's going to come in far higher in this election with support than you've ever conceived, that I should be constrained by some other party’s misguided spending limits?

"Whilst the National Party is promising you tax cuts. Excuse me, get a grip on this."

He said that NZ First would not subscribe to Labour and National's brand of economics.

Winston Peters also told Corin Dann he would introduce a Gold Card for around 100,000 people with various levels of disability.

"We can do a lot for them by identifying their specific needs like travel and being independent, and we could seriously help them to be greater contributors to our society and less dependent on our society, and that’s what we intend to do.

Mr Peters told Q+A the proposed card will help with travel and other specific needs facing the disabled community. Source: Q+A

"We're going to have a Gold Card for them and ensure they get some of the benefits of not giving up on life, but doing the best they can," Mr Peters said.