NZ First to sound out party members as the nation waits for Winston's coalition decision




NZ First party members are being sounded out on coalition agreements, party leader Winston Peters says.

The NZ First leader was in a combative mood today, and took it out on one poor person just doing their job.
Source: 1 NEWS

"We'll go to our members and tell them what we're dealing with - that's the first thing we're going to do in the next 24 hours," he said at a press conference yesterday.

It's not clear what they will be told, and when Mr Peters was asked he suggested reporters join his party if they wanted to find out.

He had just held a caucus meeting with his MPs for the first time since the election, and said they had worked out nine options for coalition governments.

1 NEWS' Andrea Vance says we are no closer to finding out the make-up of the next government after Mr Peters' theatrics.
Source: 1 NEWS

The next government will be led either by Labour or National, but there are different ways of putting them together and that's what NZ First members could be told about.

Mr Peters said little could be achieved through negotiations until special votes had been counted on October 7.

"This will be the last press conference I will hold until after October 7," he said.

"No matter what you ask or say, I can't with any intelligence, nor can my colleagues, tell you what we're going to do until we've seen all the facts."

There are 384,000 special votes, about 15 per cent of the total votes cast, and they're likely to change the make up of parliament.

In 2014, National lost a seat on specials and the Greens gained one.

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