NZ First reminding Labour who put them in power, with election around the corner

NZ First is reminding the Labour Party just who put them in power, with the election just around the corner.

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The NZ First leader has been openly disagreeing with his coalition partner lately, as his own party experiences dismal showings in polls. Source: 1 NEWS

The Winston Peters-led party has been throwing its weight around publicly, not only on commercial rent but also the push to move to Level 1.

“We need to get the lexicon right. They're not running the country by themselves. They're in a coalition with NZ First,” Mr Peters said.

“They're only in the Government because NZ First chose them to be there.”

Mr Peters’ comments came as no surprise to a realistic Prime Minister.

“Hey, this is election year you've got to expect this,” Jacinda Ardern said.

You only have to look at the polls to explain Mr Peters’ motives.

This time last year NZ First hit the magic five per cent needed to re-enter Parliament, but it's been a slippery slope ever since, polling just 2.9 per cent last month.

But the NZ First leader won’t hear of it.

“How do you explain what I'm doing here and my party's doing here for 27 years if you pollsters are right? And I wish you'd just get a grip of reality,” Mr Peters said.

This is all about the election, with NZ First reminding voters its politics are very different from Labour's.

So expect the rhetoric to keep ramping up with 12 weeks until the country votes.