NZ First MP Shane Jones lashes out at 'Rambo characters' opposing gun law changes

Parliament has been quick to push through new gun laws to ban military style semi-automatic guns - the kinds used to kill 50 Muslims at two mosques last month during the Christchurch terrorist attacks - but the yet to be approved legislation hasn't been without controversy.

New Zealand First MP and Government Minister Shane Jones used his weekly appearance on TVNZ1's Breakfast today to express his frustration and befuddlement over those who want to water down the bill. As a firm supporter of the Arms Amendment Bill, Mr Jones said he cannot understand the fuss being kicked up by "Rambo characters" opposing it.

"I grew up in Awanui and Dad showed us how to use shotguns, shooting pheasants and ducks, but I just cannot for the life of me see why these Rambo characters need all these military, Iraq-orientated guns in New Zealand.

"I accept there's going to be a cost, but in my view if public safety is the desired outcome then we'll find the dough."

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Private landowners were not included for an exemption in the proposed new legislation. Source: 1 NEWS

The vermin in Australia are worse than in New Zealand, but when our cousins across the Tasman changed their gun laws things didn't "grind to a halt", so there is no reason for Kiwis to think it would happen here, he reasoned.

National Deputy Leader Paula Bennett, who joined Mr Jones on the programme, also spoke out in support of the law change. But she said the Government should act swiftly on the buyback scheme.

"These guns will be illegal very shortly so I think the Government really needs to move quickly on what a buyback looks like, how much people will be eligible for, so that we can actually do what the new law is going to say and get these guns off our streets and away from individual owners," she said. 

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The NZ First MP says he cannot understand the reasons for military style semi-automatics in New Zealand. Source: Breakfast