NZ fear over secret communication following Paris attacks




The Government and security experts say they are concerned about the ease with which the Paris attackers were able to communicate without being detected.

A big worry to emerge from the Paris attacks was the apparent ability of the terrorists to communicate undetected.
Source: 1 NEWS

Changes in technology, such as new encrypted message systems, is making it increasingly easy to speak without alerting authorities.

"That is the concern of most agencies, the speed that people can be in touch with people that can direct them to an attack and the regimes do need to change to counter that," counter terrorism expert Leah Farrall says.

Chris Finlayson, the minister in charge of New Zealand's spy agencies, says the area is open for review.

"All countries should be concerned about the ability of communications to go dark," he says.

Farrell says there is a small number of ISIS supporters in New Zealand, but the threat it low.

"The threat is possibly there to New Zealand but due to geographical location that threat is static and one would hope authorities are across it."

Aviation security was already under review following the suspected downing of a Russian passenger jet over Egypt, meaning travellers will probably have to accept tougher airport security and the delays that come with it. 

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