NZ family had a tumultuous history with their father, whose body was found in a Welsh garden

The New Zealand family of a man found concealed in a garden in Wales has a tumultuous history.

Welsh Police last week found the body of John Sabine, who had been wrapped in plastic and kept in the garden for nearly two decades.

His New Zealand-born wife Leigh Sabine, who died recently, is the number one suspect.

It is understood the Sabines abandoned their children about 50 years ago, and left them to be raised in state care.

John and Leigh moved to the UK in the 1960s, only to return 20 years later.

At the time, their sons welcomed them back.

However their daughters, one who is named Jane, were frustrated.

They got involved in a heated altercation with John and Leigh in the 1980s, when they tried to reconcile with their parents.

"I feel like I've never had a real sense of belonging and I'll carry on with that," one daughter said at the time.

"If they don't want us, then it's hard luck for us."

Welsh Police want to hear from anyone who socialised with the couple in the late 1990s.