NZ economy to get $52m shot in the arm from Masters Games


New Zealand's economy looks set to receive a boost as thousands prepare for the World Masters Games.

Over 28,000 athletes from around the world will be opening their wallets this month.
Source: 1 NEWS

Chief executive for the games Jennah Wootten says those who have arrived already seem thrilled to be here.

"When you actually get the chance to meet these people and hear about their journey to New Zealand, to hear about their training you can see the excitement, you can see the energy.

"It's just fantastic and that's what we've worked four and a half years for," she says.

28,000 participants from 100 different countries will compete in 28 sports, across 48 venues.

To compete you have to be at least 35, though the limit for swimming is 25, and there's no upper age limit.

The games are regarded as the largest event New Zealand will host in the next decade.

Ms Wootten says the games will generate $30 million for Auckland, and $52 million for New Zealand, over the next ten days.

"They're all out there spending, they're all out there seeing the best of what our country has to offer and that's something that's pretty exciting for local businesses," she says.

The athletes will gather at Eden Park on Friday night for the opening ceremony.

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