NZ drug-buying agency Pharmac considering funding pads and tampons

Pharmac, the government's drug-funding agency, is considering whether to subsidise sanitary products.

Despite the problems being faced by some New Zealanders, lowering the price on tampons and pads isn't on the government's radar. Source: Seven Sharp

The organisations's director of operations Sarah Fitt said that they had received an application asking them to help with the costs of pads and tampons.

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She said they were investigating whether the products fell within its sphere of what it is allowed to fund.

"Pharmac's role is to obtain the best health outcomes possible from pharmaceuticals, from the funding available. This includes an assessment of evidence to determine the therapeutic benefits of the product under assessment.

"A funding application was received at the end of last year and work on whether it is in scope is currently underway."

Young women in New Zealand have spoken to Seven Sharp about how they have been kept home from school during their period as their parents couldn't afford sanitary products.

There are girls here in NZ that charities say are missing school because they can’t afford products they need. Source: Seven Sharp

Others have been forced to use rags and newspaper.

Darryl Evans of Mangere Budgeting Services has previously told 1 NEWS that he frequently saw families who struggled with the cost of supplying pads and tampons for women and girls.