NZ doctor has built an army of medical professionals to combat Covid-19

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are our frontline defence against Covid-19.

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Andrea Penman has started Home Guard New Zealand to battle Covid-19. Source: Seven Sharp

One doctor has a slightly different mission, she is busy building an army of healthcare workers to be ready and waiting before the need arises.

Andrea Penman has been the driving force behind the idea, as she watched Covid-19 spreading around the globe like a wildfire.

She saw one in five people in the world in lockdown.

She realised she had medical knowledge that could help New Zealand curb the curve.

The solution? Put a call out to medical professionals who were not currently using their training.

Retirees, doctors trained overseas waiting for registration, students, those on maternity leave and a host of others, all invited to join the movement.

The result - Home Guard New Zealand, aptly named after a group established during World War II, never needed more again, than in this battle.

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