NZ Covid Tracer app to be updated after Android glitches

The Ministry of Health will be updating the NZ Covid Tracer app to remedy a glitch affecting some Android users, following questions by 1 NEWS.

Source: 1 NEWS

Users had been left frustrated, with many reporting the app wasn't scanning sign in codes, and in some cases was deleting contact tracing entries.

The app's listing on the Google Play store has been swamped with negative reviews over the past month, with many asking why the Ministry of Health hasn't rolled out a full update.

The glitch was first reported last month, with some reports coming in when users updated to the latest version on the app store.

Android phone users left frustrated amid reports of NZ COVID Tracer app glitching, deleting entries

While a fix had been developed, it wasn't available in an automatic update.

In a statement, a Ministry spokesperson said it has "made the app more stable and accessible and has fixed the issue that was affecting some people with Oppo, OnePlus, Xiami and Redmi devices.

"The app will update automatically for most users over the next few days, or you can manually update the app through the App/Play store."