Nurses heading to Manurewa High School to give vaccinations in midst of measles outbreak

Nurses will head to Manurewa High School in Auckland today to dish out measles vaccinations.

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Peter Jones spoke to TVNZ 1’s Breakfast ahead of nurses carrying out vaccinations today at the school. Source: Breakfast

That's after hundreds of students who were sent home last week when more than a dozen students were confirmed to have the disease.

Yesterday Auckland's Medical Officer of Health, Dr William Rainger said there were 804 confirmed cases of measles in Auckland.

Another Auckland school, St Peters College sent some students home when it discovered a student suspected to have measles attended the school's ball on Saturday.

Health Minister David Clark told TVNZ1's Q+A last night that despite some countries regulating a "no jab, no play" rule at schools the Government will not be making vaccines mandatory.

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The St Peter’s College ball has become a focus for officials as the number of measles cases in NZ approaches 1000. Source: 1 NEWS