Nurse now working in US struck off in New Zealand after drug switch




Four years after she was sacked from North Shore Hospital for misappropriating drugs, a nurse has been struck off and her records will be passed on to United States officials, where she is now believed to be working.

Nurse applying a patch.

Source: 1 NEWS

Crystal Schlee was earlier this year found guilty of professional misconduct after she failed to administer the strong pain relief drug oxycodone and doctored the records while working at the hospital in 2012.

In a decision released yesterday, the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal censured and deregistered Ms Schlee and ordered she pay $11,426 in costs.

Ms Schlee never attended any of the disciplinary proceedings.

She is believed to be living and working in the US, but the tribunal said there was no reason why she shouldn't pay the costs.

The Nursing Council would notify US authorities.

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