Number of fleeing drivers on New Zealand roads at all-time high, new figures show

Police have released figures that reveal the number of fleeing drivers is at an all-time high.

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The number of incidents in December alone was 512, making last year’s overall total a record. Source: 1 NEWS

The number of incidents in December was 512, bringing the year's total to 5000. More than 63 per cent of the chases were abandoned.

Darroch Ball, NZ First's law and order spokesperson, says it's almost triple to number of incidents from just 10 years ago.

"Most concerning are the police figures also showing the number of crashes at a record high combined with a record number of pursuits being abandoned," he says.

Critics say the increase is due to police pursuit policy which sees officers abandon chases for safety reasons.

Mr Ball says the numbers show suspects have "absolutely no fear of being caught".

Police say air support units such as the Eagle helicopter play an important role in catching fleeing drivers.