'Numb and tired' Christchurch man gets new accommodation after double whammy of losing homes in fires, quake


A Christchurch man who's lost his home in the fires overnight after seeing another house he was living in demolished post-earthquake has new accommodation sorted thanks to a big response to a plea on Facebook.

James Frost posted on a special "Evacuation Housing" Facebook page set up yesterday to help the hundreds of evacuated residents.

James Frost

Source: Facebook

"Lost my home in the quakes and now lost house in the fire. Feeling really unsettled and would be so happy if anyone had a caravan/campervan with facilities) we could use for a while. PM if you can help, thanks ," Mr Frost wrote.

The Claude family of Landsdowne lost everything in an instant on Tuesday.
Source: 1 NEWS

His post has had more than 300 reactions and 60 comments, including offers of housing, food and clothing.

He and his housemates are staying at a the home of a housemate's father tonight, and will tomorrow move into a house which was offered as a rental on the Facebook page.

Mr Frost told 1 NEWS Now he and his housemates evacuated the house they were renting at the end of Worsleys Road last night, taking their cat and dog, and he also managed to get a box of photos out.

A 1 NEWS crew went up in a helicopter to survey the destruction caused so far by the monstrous blaze.
Source: 1 NEWS

He's still not 100 per cent sure the house is destroyed as he's had conflicting information from different neighbours and people in the area when he goes back to the cordon every five hours to see if he's allowed back to see the house.

Some have told him the house is "gone" but others have said "it's maybe still there", and he said "it's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster".

Mr Frost said he's lucky he was just renting and didn't own the Worsleys Road property, but he's gutted to lose it.

"It was our dream home. We spent ages looking for it. But you just carry on don't you," he said.

"I'm just a bit numb and tired."

He said they had some really lovely offers on the Facebook page.

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