Now 'un-dunne' - Peter Dunne fools with hint of resignation

United Future leader Peter Dunne had the political and social media fooled this morning after announcing he was standing down as Ohariu MP for a "younger" candidate.

Peter Dunne speaks to ONE News. Source: 1 NEWS

The veteran MP has held the seat for over 30 years and surprised many with his announcement.

But it turned out to be a massive troll – he was seeking nominations for his Youth MP representative in 2016.

A media release started by saying "he will stand aside as MP for Ohariu next year to enable a new, young MP to be chosen for the vibrant, growing north Wellington electorate".

Rather than actually standing down he has written to all secondary colleges in the electorate and surrounds looking for a suitably qualified young person to be considered for selection to serve as his youth MP.

Mr Dunne's name began to instantly trend on social media, with some having a laugh at the gaffe - and many others wishing it was true.