Notice this turbulent spring weather? Take note and prepare properly for Labour Weekend


A spike in search and rescue operations as well as injuries in the outdoors at Labour Weekend has safety advocates calling for better preparedness in in changeable spring weather.

A daily average of 1.4 search and rescue operations rises to three over Labour Weekend, while injury numbers go from a daily average of 15.2 to 32 during the holiday period, according to the Mountain Safety Council.

Figures show search and rescue operations more than double during Labour Weekend.
Source: 1 NEWS

Chief executive Mike Daisley said the organisation assessed incident numbers over the past decade.

"When we've looked deeper into that we've discovered one of the key factors is around the very variable weather which is associated with that," he said.

Video obtained by ONE News shows the view the search and rescue teams had from their helicopter in tough conditions yesterday.

Source: 1 NEWS

Jeremy Paterson, a Wellington Land SAR volunteer, will be among those on standby over the weekend to help if needed.

"Certainly it would be nice not to get a phone call, but if we do we're well prepared."

He said people could better equip themselves by taking warm layers, a proper raincoat and footwear, and enough food for 12 hours beyond their planned adventure.

"With the Kiwi attitude, the she'll be right, can do attitude, people try to get themselves out of mischief and end up getting themselves into more mischief."

'Number of systems moving over us'

On Labour Weekend 2013, two climbers, Hiroki Ogawa and Nicole Sutton, died of hypothermia on Mt Taranaki.

The Coroner who investigated their deaths recommended adventurers take more care to plan for the weather conditions.

A search and rescue operation is underway to find an 11-year-old girl is missing off the Gisborne coast.

A search and rescue operation is underway to find an 11-year-old girl is missing off the Gisborne coast.

Source: 1 NEWS

MetService meteorologist Lisa Murray said the forecast for this weekend varies depending where you are, and it pays to check before you leave home.

"We have a number of systems moving over us and we have that nice ridge in between us as well so everywhere will see a little sunshine some places more than others, but there will still be some rain around, some that could be significant and heavy."

She said alpine and sub alpine areas, like popular walking route Tongariro Crossing, could see snow flurries at this time of year.

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