'Nothing to worry about' - Hamilton Mayor reassures viewers after appearing to faint live on TV

Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate is reassuring people that there's "nothing to worry about" after appearing to faint during a live TV interview.

Ms Southgate was addressing the removal of the Captain John Hamilton statue from Civic Square on Friday, after it was threatened to be knocked down during the weekend's Black Lives Matter protests.

Towards the end of the interview on MediaWorks' The AM Show this morning, Ms Southgate began to look unwell.

She shook her head, appearing to mouth, "don't feel well" before sitting down abruptly and wincing a number of times.

The interview was cut short after Ms Southgate appeared to faint on air.

Speaking to 1 NEWS after the incident, Ms Southgate said there was "nothing to worry about".

"Just goes to show that doing an interview in a hot room while not feeling 100 per cent is not a wise move, not very stylish either," she says.

Ms Southgate says she's working from home for the rest of today, but will be "back on board fully tomorrow".