'Nothing will change' - Mike King not surprised by NZ's increasing suicide figures




New figures released today showing New Zealand's record-high suicide rate have come as no surprise to those in the mental health industry. 

That's according to Kiwi personality Mike King, now a mental health advocate, who says "the stats are not a shock". 

In the last year 579 people took their own lives, 15 more than the year before. Almost 60 were children of school age.

The mental health campaigner numbers showing an increase in suicide is not a shock to anyone who works in the industry.
Source: 1 NEWS

"The problem with these stats coming out today is nothing will change," says Mr King.

"The minister's response to this is going to be standard, we are throwing more money at the problem and talking to the communities."

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says "an extra $300 million" has been put into the mental health system. 

Experts say the rising figure is because suicide is still taboo, and Mr King says stretched mental health services aren't helping.

"This false notion that we don't want to traumatise our kids with talk about suicide," says King.

"It's a myth, our kids already know about suicide... It's their friends who are doing it."

If you're worried someone maybe suicidal or are needing some support there are a number of resources available in New Zealand.

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