'Not at that point yet' - Government says inquiry into Covid-19 handling will come, but not yet

Epidemiologist Michael Baker says the government should undertake an inquiry into our handling of the Covid-19 pandemic sooner, rather than later.

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The pandemic is expected to sweep the globe for at least another year, and experts say we should refine out approach. Source: 1 NEWS

Countries like Taiwan have, in his opinion, fared better during the outbreak, and New Zealand should bring on an inquiry into how we can improve our performance.

The government said an inquiry would come - just not right now.

"We're just not at that point yet," Minister of Health Chris Hipkins said.

"We still need people firmly focused on looking ahead and making sure we're doing everything necessary to respond to the challenges in front of us."

Baker said the inquiry needed to be sooner, so we could put changes into effect immediately.

"We'd want to get going on this quickly, because some of the changes we want to make are to protect us now - they're not for the next pandemic - they're for this pandemic," he said.