'Not the leader of my free world' - Aucklanders gather for Anti-Trump rally

Around 100 people have gathered in Auckland city this afternoon protesting the newly elected US President Donald Trump.

Around 100-150 people have come to protest against the president-elect in Aotea Square. Source: 1 NEWS

The anti-Trump protest started peacefully until things became a bit tense when Trump supporters arrived. Source: 1 NEWS

People against the newly elected US President protest in Auckland CBD. Source: 1 NEWS

The group of about 100 to 150 people were standing in the Aotea Square to protest the President-elect.

Over 100 protesters gather for Anti-Trump rally in Auckland city. Source: 1 NEWS

At least one person has been taken away by police.

Protesters march down Auckland's Queen Street for Anti-Trump rally. Source: 1 NEWS

Protesters held signs saying "I stand with those that Trump attacks" and "Not the leader of my free world" as they marched down Queen Street.