'Not every superannuitant has the opportunity to be a celebrity dancer' – Finance Minister lands sly dig on ACT leader David Seymour

Reality TV slipped into Parliament today during Question Time, after the Finance Minister made a light-hearted dig at ACT leader David Seymour's participation in Dancing with the Stars. 

The ACT leader asked about the Winter Energy Payment going to millionaires, but Grant Robertson returned serve with a quip about his TV exploits. Source: 1 NEWS

It came after Labour MP Dr Duncan Webb asked Grant Robertson "what priorities did the Budget Policy Statement 2018 set out?"

Mr Robertson said "building quality public services" of health and education, child poverty and homelessness, sustainable economic development.

"We can't fix every problem in one Budget, but health, education and housing will finally receive the support they deserve under this government's plan."

ACT leader David Seymour asked, "If the Minister characterised the previous tax-cuts as poorly targeted, how would he characterise giving the Winter Energy payment to millionaires?"

Mr Robertson replied: "I'd characterise the Winter Energy payment as helping superannuitants get in the position to pay their bills throughout the year, because not every superannuitant has the opportunity to be a celebrity dancer."

Mr Robertson was referring to Mr Seymour being on the show, Dancing with the Stars, supporting the charity Kidsline.