'Northland's like any other community' - police say P related gang violence is under control




It's being labelled a 'gang warfare' after a series of killings in Northland involving Tribesmen and the Mongrel Mob, but police say the situation is under control.

The fatal shooting of a gang member this week is the latest in a string of retributions and those on the ground are blaming P.

It's being labelled a gang warfare after a series of killing in Northland involving Tribesmen and the Mongrel Mob.
Source: 1 NEWS

However despite the spike in gang activity, police are reluctant to use the words 'gang war'.

Detective Inspector Kevin Burke says they're controlling the situation with extra staff being deployed from around the country to help out.

"Northland's like any other community in New Zealand, there are gang members," he said.

"At the end of the day, they aren't Rotary members."

Tribesman John Harris, aged 37, is the latest fatality after being fatally shot and dropped at an ambulance station in Whangarei yesterday morning. 

Another Tribesman was shot and killed in Whangarei two weeks earlier. 

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