Northland kayaker has 'freaky' close-up encounter with orca

Locals on Northland’s Karikari Peninsula have spent most of Tuesday afternoon watching seven visiting orca frolic along the shoreline, just metres from where they stood on the beach.

The orcas spent the day chasing food, swimming through waves and alongside a kayaker at Tokerau Beach.

“We are pretty lucky up here to be visited by dolphins and whales but it’s not often they come so close to shore, at one point they were knee deep,” said resident Reinah Comer.

Orcas sharing a meal at Tokerau Beach. Source: Supplied

The 18-year-old was watching on from his kayak, when one orca started heading towards him. 

“I was keeping my distance, then one of the made a beeline for my kayak which was pretty freaky then it made a sudden turn, it was just unreal.”

Watch the encounter in the video above.