Northland DHB refutes claims of vaccinating children without consent as 'incorrect' and 'harmful'

Northland District Health board has squashed online rumours about children being vaccinated without consent.

In a statement, the DBH said it was aware of "incorrect, harmful information about vaccination consent being distributed by an anti-vaccination group on social media".

There was a claim that a child was vaccinated without consent. However, after investigation the DHB confirmed every child who had been vaccinated against the deadly meningococcal disease has been done so with signed consent, Medical Officer of Health Dr Jose Ortega Benito said.

Consent is required by law for vaccination of children and adults in New Zealand. Anyone over the age of 16 can consent to have themselves vaccinated.

"While we respect that some people have independent views on vaccination, scaremongering and misleading information in our communities is extremely unhelpful," Mr Benito said. "All parents, caregivers and young people make an informed decision about protecting their children or themselves and their decision should be respected."

Parents and caregivers of those children who have not yet been vaccinated against meningococcal W are encouraged to do so, the statement said.

However, Facebook group Vaxxed New Zealand is claiming schools in the area were having children vaccinated without parents knowledge or consent.

The page had a post yesterday saying, "Northland College meningitis W MASS Vaccination without parental consent happening. Call them asap."

The post was met with scepticim, but it wasn't the first time the page had referenced the supposed issue. Another post also accused Kaitaia College for injecting Meningococcal W Vaccine into children without parental consent on February 13, as well as another school which was not named on February 14.

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Source: Breakfast

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